When it comes to the master bedroom in any home, it should be exactly that, a bedroom fit for the ‘master’ of the household. It should be a place for ultimate relaxation, an oasis where we can escape the pressures of every day life. I consider the bedroom to be much more than a room used for sleeping. It is in essence a living room. We spend so much of our lives in our bedrooms, fussing over what to wear, relaxing on lazy weekends, enjoying time in solitude or with the company of our partners. In this post I seek to provide you with more than just a simple list of master bedroom decorating ideas. I’ll share with you some inside tips and give you the know how to allow you to transform your bedroom from a place you simply sleep, into a sanctuary where you’ll love spending hours on end.

Must dos

Put a chair in there

A bedroom is so much more than a place to rest your head. Adding a seating area in your bedroom is perfect for when you aren’t feeling lazy enough to lounge on the bed, but still want to take the load off your feet, cosy up with a book and cup of tea or glass of wine. It creates a living room feel without having to actually go to the living room. TIP: Make sure to place your chair close to a small table or flat surface in order to give yourself a place to set down your drink. No one likes coffee or red wine stains on the carpet.


Only put your best on display

I’m not advocating for minimalism as it isn’t for everyone, but minimizing clutter is important to keep your bedroom looking fresh and inviting. We all love our things, but putting too many of our possessions on display can look overwhelming and they quickly become dust collectors. Choose a few of your favorite items and show them off while keeping everything else stored neatly away.

Never too much storage

I can’t stress how important storage is in a bedroom. Built-in storage works best as it can be customized to your needs and designed to suit the style of your home and decor. Incorporating open shelving into your bedroom is more cost effective and doesn’t take up as much visual space creating a more open and modern feel. Those of us fortunate enough to have a walk in closet can still benefit from maximizing storage where possible by using furniture that can double up as storage. A trunk at the end of the bed with an upholstered seat or a bed frame with drawers works well. Opt for nightstands that have drawers or doors for even more places to store things and keep everything organized.


Dress Those Windows

The last thing we want on our day off is to be woken up by the sun streaming in and waking us up at the crack of dawn. Invest in some quality black out curtains if your bedroom window faces the sunrise, or opt for roman shades or plantation shutters to keep the light out. When selecting window treatments make sure to maximize the appearance of your windows by placing curtain rods as high as possible and letting your curtains sit widely to make your windows appear larger than they are.

Please don’ts

While there are countless ways we can improve our spaces there are also a number of things that can detract from our goal of creating a luxurious look and feel for our master bedroom. Take note of what you should avoid if you want your bedroom to look well finished and as inviting and comfortable as possible.


Yes I’ve already mentioned it, but just to reiterate, we don’t want clutter in our bedrooms or any room of our home for that matter. It looks messy and gives us a feeling of being overwhelmed which is a feeling we don’t want when we are trying to relax. All I can think of when I’m surrounded by clutter is how long it’s going to take to dust everything. We want to avoid that as best we can and keep our bedroom neat and organized where possible.

Red room

Red is a bold color, it’s loud, romantic and fierce and can work amazingly well when used correctly in interior design. However, red is a color we want to try to avoid in our bedrooms. It’s common knowledge that certain colors have an effect our mood and in the case of red it can induce feelings of excitement, danger and sometimes anger that can raise our energy levels and increase the flow of adrenaline. This is the opposite of what we want our bedrooms to be; calm, luxurious and serene. However red is not totally off limits. Small pops of red in artwork, accessories or soft furnishings can add romance and class, but try to avoid large swathes of it and stick to calmer colors such as blues, greens and greys.

Go easy on the pillows

I don’t want to point fingers, but it seems bedding catalogs have inspired the idea that no less than 10 pillows is acceptable on your bed. Time again I see people overload their bed with too many pillows which looks fussy and overcrowded. Keep it simple and remember that less is more.

Don’t buy the set

Yes it can be a tempting deal if the price is right but try to avoid buying a bedroom set where the bed, nightstands and dresser look identical. It’s uninspiring and makes your bedroom look like a half price deal on the showroom floor. Take some time to select individual pieces you love and that don’t necessarily ‘match’ but coordinate well with each other as well as showing off your personality.

Styling with art and accessories

Artwork is a must in any master bedroom. Consider a large canvas on the wall above the bed or perhaps something bold like a starburst mirror to add some drama. Also consider the size of your art. One small lonely portrait above your bed won’t do your room any favors. Give your walls some life with well scaled pieces that you can actually see and admire. When selecting artwork for your room I suggest finding a statement piece you absolutely love and allowing it to be the inspiration for the rest of the room. For example, choose one or two colors found in the art and select similar colored bedding, pillows and accessories to give your bedroom a well-defined scheme. Doing this will give the assumption that you discovered the perfect piece of art that pulls your whole look together. It’s much easier to color match products in this way than it is to find artwork that color coordinates with your accessories perfectly without having to get something specially commissioned.

Photo by Joel Pesaturo

Remember what I like to call the ‘rule of odds’. When putting accessories together such as vases, photo frames and decorative items group them in threes and at varying heights to add interest. A tall vase, a photo frame and a small bowl grouped together will look so much better than if they were placed individually. If you want to display more than three items together keep them at odd numbers as groupings of even numbers tend to look too ‘structured’. Five items together will look more relaxed and less fussy than four. In design terms we call these small groupings ‘vignettes’ so get your vignette game on and have fun with it.

Lighting is key

Good lighting is the key to creating the perfect ambiance in your bedroom. Bedside lamps are a necessity and should be bright enough allow you to read comfortably. Opt for sizable lamps with linen shades to give your room a sense of scale. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional table lamps consider hanging pendants instead. This will free up the space on your nightstand while giving you similar light for reading. Floor lamps can also work well in corners, especially near a seating area to provide additional reading light. If you really want to make a statement, a large pendant or chandelier in the center of the room or above the bed will create a ‘wow effect’ and make a huge impact. Single down lighters can also be used in the ceiling and focused on wall art pieces to really show them off. Sconces are a great source of additional ambient lighting and give a luxurious hotel room feel.

A reflection of you

The master bedroom in any home is more than just a bedroom. It’s a place to retire to and feel most at ease. It should be a place of serene calmness where you can spend hours of your time in comfort. Ultimately it should be your sanctuary. You’re the master of your domain and your master suite should be a reflection of you. So get creative with it and make it yours. I have no doubt that by taking some of these suggestions on board you’ll be well on your way to having a stunning master bedroom you will absolutely love to live in, sleep in and be you in!

Text by Joel Pesaturo